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  • Refurbished Computer Hardware
    Since 1987, Minnesota Computers has been offering industry leading products and services. We stock Grade-A Refurbished Servers, PCs, Systems, Storage, Plotters, Barcode Printers, Cisco, and more. Fast, easy, and simple - we aim to provide world-class products and services for every computer hardware need.

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  • Equipo remanufacturado para tecnologías de la información
    Desde 1987, Minnesota Computers ha venido siendo un líder ofreciendo productos y servicios. Nosotros almacenamos productos remanufacturados de Grado A para Servidores, Computadores personales, sistemas de almacenaje, Plotters, Impresoras de codigo de barras, Cisco, y muchos más. De forma rápida, fácil , y simple lo proveeremos con productos de primera clase y servicios que para cada paso en la tecnología de la información se necesita.

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  • Microsoft Refurbisher
  • Minnesota Computers Team

   27 Years of Industry Leading Service

        Providing Servers, Desktops, Laptops, HP Plotters, Barcode Printers, IP Telephony, Cisco, Parts and More is a world class leader in the refurbished computer hardware industry. With a commitment to high quality products and services, we have earned a reputation for excellence around the world. Minnesota Computers buys, sells, and repairs computer hardware, including but not limited to: Servers, Desktops and PC's, Laptops, Barcode Printers, HP Plotters, Networking Equipment, Tape Drives, Optical Libraries, IP Telephony, and a large variety of computer and Sever parts.

Minnesota Computers prides itself on a commitment to top quality products, services, and support giving us a repuation for dependability and superiority around the globe. With a wide variety of a client base, from end users to fortune 500 companies we work hard to deliver unmatched service. Our 43,000+ Warehouse gives us the advantage to stock real Grade-A inventory at affordable prices uncomparable to any others in the business. We have a comprehensive selection in stock of parts such as Power Supplies, Heatsinks, Caddies, Batteries, AC Adaptors, System Boards, Hard Drives, Processors, Memory Kits, and every part that you would need for your Server, Desktop, Laptop or Printer. We focus on the industry's leading manufactueres, including Dell, HP, IBM /Lenovo, Sun, Cisco, Zebra, Intermec, Datamax, Symbol and more.

How can we serve you?

Sell Your Hardware

Minnesota Computers makes it fast and easy to make money selling your excess computer hardware. Our services allow companies with excess equipment to sell their used equipment for a greater return on their investment. By selling used computer equipment, not only are you able to get   rid of your outdated hardware but maximize a return on the initial cost of the hardware. We accept all manufacturers, including Dell, HP, IBM, Sun, Cisco, Zebra, Xerox, Intermec and many others. Rest assured that all of your recorded data is completely destroyed to standards! Sound good to you? Request a quote online or give us a call. Remember, we also offer free hardware recycling!                                                                                                                           




Sell Your Hardware

Grade-A Refurbished Hardware

We pride ourselves on the high quality of our products and services. All of our hardware is Grade-A refurbished and backed by our warranty. Minnesota Computers sells a variety of servers, systems, computers, laptops, plotters, printers, components, peripherals, hardware, networking equipment and just about anything that is related to computing! We stock REAL Inventory; there is always a broad selection of variety and quantity. Why buy Refurbished? Our Refurbished hardware offers everything new hardware offers; performs at factory standards and is equipped with both warranty and technical support. What's the only difference? The refurb option is much more friendly on your wallet and on the environment. Request a quote for competitive pricing, or give us a call!





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Expert Repair Service

Are you having problems with your Server, PC, Laptop, Printer or any other computer hardware equipment? Contact the highly knowledgeable repair staff at Minnesota Computers for a multitude of different types of repair services. Simply bring in your hardware for a free diagnostic. Finding a qualified professional capable of taking on your PC's repair in an affordable and efficient manner can be a difficult task. Let us offer you our assistance. With a staff of expert technicians and a 10,000 foot tech center, Minnesota Computers can assist you with a wide variety of repair services. We also offer free tech support for all of our products! Request a quote for all your computer hardware repair needs!



Repair Service

Why Choose Minnesota Computers?

Committed to Quality

Since 1987, Minnesota Computers has been committed to providing industry leading products and services. With a focus on customer satisfaction and cost-effective hardware solutions, Minnesota Computers has established itself as the chosen technology source for hundreds of companies around the world. Our team of expert technicians performs all refurbishments on-site, allowing us to guarantee top quality products with a warranty. Our professional sales representatives have the product knowledge to help you find the right hardware solution for you and your business. With a reputation for excellence, we're committed to providing you unparalleled service.


Our Sales Team Experts

Our experienced and knowledgeable Sales Team includes highly trained and motivated professionals with in depth knowledge of the IT industry and an unmatched commitment to customer service. Minnesota Computers makes sure it is an efficient and easy process from the moment you contact us. Immediately, we will redirect you to the team sales member who has the most expertise and training in the product line or product you are in need of assistance about. Do you prefer us to contact you? No problem! Conveniently, request a quote online and you can expect a member of our team to contact you in a prompt matter. With our experts deepest technical knowledge, you can expect service that is unique to any in the industry.

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What Are People Saying About Minnesota Computers?

"I wanted to let everyone know how dependable this company is. Minnesota Computers has been shipping to our troops in Iraq & Afghanistan since the beginning of these wars. This company has provided us outstanding service. They come highly recommended." 

~ Sgt. Schuneman U.S. Armed Forces

I would rate them the #1 Computer reseller in the Twin Cities. Excellent staff, fantastic state of the art facility, technicians that know the product. Excellent company. 

~ Sean Odion

"Just wanted to take a few moments to thank everyone at Minnesota Computers for going over and beyond the call of duty. You saved our company from being down all weekend. Thank you!"

~ Stacey T

"I would like to thank Richard Quigley President/CEO of Minnesota Computers. He and his staff continue to do an outstanding job assisting our firm. We find them very helpful on trouble shooting our hardware and supplying us with quality products monthly."

~Angus B. Schwartz 

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Servers   HP Plotters



Minnesota Computers stocks Servers

   Minnesota Computers stocks HP Plotters

Minnesota Computers stocks a comprehensive collection of the industry's leading servers, including HP Servers, Dell Servers, IBM Servers, and Sun Servers. We offer Grade-A Refurbished Servers and Server Parts.  As your business grows, Minnesota Computers can offer you the knowledge and options to integrate the perfect Server for your expanding business. Whether your work place requires a single entry level Server or a top of the line web server we carry the most versatile and effective hardware there is to supply. All Minnesota Computers products are tested and backed with a warranty. No matter your need, Minnesota Computers has a professional sales staff available to help you find the right server solution for your business. As always, thank you for choosing Minnesota Computers!


Minnesota Computers carries a huge stock of HP Plotters, Parts, and Accessories. We recognize that purchasing a Plotter for your business is one of the most efficient marketing investments one can make. The advantage of being able to print large posters and other advertising material is a method that is unmatched in the business world! The larger the plotter the bigger project you are able to tackle, which is why our refurbished Plotters are the same quality you would except, but at greatly reduced prices. Our expert technicians can also assist you in your plotter repairs. Minnesota Computers is committed to the highest quality Plotter products and services. Call us today to speak with our HP Plotter Expert!


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PCs and Laptops   Barcode Printers

Minnesota Computers stocks PC's and Laptops
   Minnesota Computers stocks Barcode Printers

Whether it's a personal computer or a large scale business deployment, Minnesota Computers has Desktop and Laptop models from IBM/Lenovo, HP, and Dell. No matter if you are in search of a single computer built to your exact needs or a selection of deskstops for the work place, look no further. We are able to meet any Desktop or Laptop demand! Minnesota Computers offers the most affordable prices in bulk and Grade-A refurbished PC's or laptops. We srive in stocking quality products, and never accept anything less than such into our large warehouse. With a comprehensive selection of computer components and an expert staff of technicians on-site, we can configure your computer to order! Call today to speak with our expert PC and Laptop Division Rep today.


Minnesota Computers offers all the industry leading barcode-printer brands, including: Zebra, Datamax, Unitech, Sato, Cognitive, Avery, Printronix, and Intermec. We offer Grade-A Refurbished Thermal Label Printers, RFIDs, Handheld Barcode Scanners, Parts, and Accessories. Barcode Printers tend to be one of the most overlooked printers in the business world. These handy tools are a great way to maximize on your time, in the long run saving you money. Whether retail, healthcare, or service management we have the right barcode printer for you that will make your business run at such greater proficency you will be amazed! Our expert technicians can also assist you with your barcode printer repairs. Call today to speak with our expert Barcode Printer Representative. 


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Cisco Networking Hardware   Tape Drives and Optical Libraries



Minnesota Computers stocks Cisco Networking Hardware

   Minnesota Computers stocks Tape Drives and Optical Libraries

Minnesota Computers has Grade-A Refurbished Cisco hardware in stock. With a variety of Cisco routers, switches, firewalls, and adaptive security appliances available, we have the right IT implements for all your business networking needs. When it comes to networking tools, the most trustworthy name in the business is Cisco. Cisco offers the fastest internet connectivity, ultaimately leading to a happy business! Rest asssured, with Cisco products, you will gain not only fast internet speeds, private data secure, but a sure bet to keeping your computer or server armed against pesky intruders. Minnesota Computers can hook you up with the hottest deals and products on the Cisco market, that will in turn make your business faster, more efficient and of course, safer. Call today to speak with our Cisco representative. 


Minnesota Computers carries the largest selection of Tape Drives, Optical Libraries, Parts and Accessories. We stock major manufacturers, including Plasmon, HP, and IBM. As your business becomes more advanced, storage becomes a BIG DEAL! The amount of data that is able to be stored in a safe environment is crucial to the sucess of your business. Tape Drives are much less vulnerable to hackers than hard drives due to the magnetic polarity they use to the store the loads of data. Optical Libraries are sets of huge hard drives, but in a way that is less complicated than a Server; the less complicated, the less the risk! Minnesota Computers stocks a multitude of variety of Tape Drives and Optical Libraries at a price that won't break your budget. Call today to speak with our Tape Drive and Optical Library expert!


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